Gingerbread on Motorola Droid 1?

I did not think it was possible, but I was successfully able to get Gingerbread onto the Droid 1 I had replaced with the Thunderbolt last month.  Thanks to the Liquid Smooth AOSP ROM, the old Droid has a new lease on life.  Given the limited memory, I really can’t load many apps onto the phone, but that was the case even with the original Froyo the phone shipped with.  My first attempt at a Gingerbread-based ROM several months ago was disasterous–continuous reboots and a lot of crashes.  Liquid Smooth lives up to its name.  It lacks a couple of extra features I have on the HTC but otherwise, the interface is nearly the same.  It still lives nicely with Chevy’s kernels as well, allowing stable overclocking up to near 1GHz (the stock Droid runs at 600MHz).

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